Buyer Resources

Buyers Guide
If you have never bought an aircraft before it can be a little hard to do without someone to advise you. And
even if you are an experienced buyer this guide will tell you how our owners will be expecting you to 
handle the sale. We have given our owners a similar guide to follow and you will find that most will do so.
Although it is just a suggested method so ultimately both you and the owner will decide how the sale will
proceed. Ok, lets get to it. More.....  For a Microsoft Word format click Buyers Guide.doc.

Aircraft By Owner is happy to provide financing on the aircraft we have listed as well as any other you 
may find. We handle J3s to GIIIs, any year model and all areas of the country from coast to coast. 
We have the experience to provide a quick and simple loan process. More.....

No plan to purchase an aircraft is complete without a call to the insurance agent. Your choice of
aircraft can be directly effected by the cost and availability of insurance. Your ratings, hours, and
time in make and model will determine the cost of the policy. More.....

Aviation Vender List
We have many aviation venders that we here at Owens Aviation, Inc. have used for years and highly
recommend. Most of these venders are in the Dallas area and may be a great distance from you but we 
wanted to let you know about them anyway. Sometimes it's worth the trip to get good service. More.....

E-mail Aircraft Notification
Send us information on what type of aircraft you're looking for and we will e-mail you if we get one in
stock. Be as specific as you like as to the type of aircraft and equipment you are looking for. Send info