Aviation Vender List
We have many aviation venders that we here at Owens Aviation, Inc. have used for years and highly
recommend. Most of these venders are in the Dallas area and may be a great distance from you but we 
wanted to let you know about them anyway. Sometimes it's worth the trip to get good service. We are 
also willing to finance any improvements along with the aircraft at or after the sale.

Flite Electronics is the only avionics shop that we use. They have been in business on Addison Airport
since 1962 and do excellence work. Many of the aircraft we have sold have been to this shop. They have
a web site at www.fliteelectronics.com. This is a shop worth the trip! Call Mark Pledger at 972-239-3791.

Ada Aircraft Painting is a very good shop in Ada OK. We have sent more aircraft to them than any other
shop and have been very pleased with their work. They have done some very complex paint jobs for us 
that came out very nice. A very good value. Their web site is www.adaaircraftpainting.com. Call Dewey
Gandy at 580-332-6086.

Poplawski Aircraft Paint does the best paint work we have ever seen. Although they prefer to only paint
Bonanzas they have been know to paint many other types. Not cheap and the wait for a spot can be 
long but the work is flawless. They are located in Ennis Texas. Call Frank Poplawski at 972-875-2111.

JBS Aircraft Interiors is the best interior shop we have ever seen. This is the shop we compare all others 
to and they always come out on top. They are very good at doing the job right the first time and on time.
They are located on Addison Airport so many owners use them at the same time Flite Electronics is 
installing a new panel full of radios. This works very well as the interior comes out and the avionics work
is done before the interior goes back in. They do all of our high end aircraft and work on jets down to 
singles. They are very fairly priced for the work they do. A great shop! Call Steve Brinley at 972-385-8088.

Custom Airmotive, Inc. has done engines for us and many of the owners we have sold aircraft for. They 
do very good work and are very fairly priced. If you want to overhaul your engine rather than swap it for a 
factory engine Custom Airmotive is  a good alternative. We always ship our engines to them so your 
location is not that important. They are located in Tulsa. Their web site is www.customairmotive.com.
Call Mark Licktieg at 918-836-6836.

AIR POWER inc. is the source for new or reman Lycoming and Continental engines. They offer a $300.00
over invoice deal and drop ship the engines to you. Their web site is www.factoryengines.com. Call them 
at 1-866-287-8537.

Title Services
Powell Aircraft Title Service has handled our title needs for 26 years! They are great! Quick, accurate and
very friendly. They can do your title search, file your docs and handle an escrow account if you need one.
They can do 337 searches as well. If you get to pick which title company you are going to use give them
a call. Located in Oklahoma City. Call them at 1-800-776-7287.

Owner Associations
American Bonanza Society is a group of 10,000+ members who own, fly or have a sincere interest in 
Bonanza, Baron, and Travel Air type aircraft.  Because of this common interest they have banded together
to share information and experiences involving the operation and maintenance of the Beech-produced 
aircraft. Their web site is www.bonanza.org

Cessna Pilots Association A unique technical information service for Cessna owners. With more than 
14,000 members, CPA is aviation's largest "type club". Their web site is www.cessna.org

Piper Owner Society The Piper Owner Society has been supporting the Piper owner for over 17 years no 
matter what model of Piper you own. Their web site is www.piperowner.org 

Mooney Owner of America Besides serving existing owners, one of MOA's (Mooney Owners Of America) 
prime missions is to welcome potential Mooney owners and enthusiasts into the wonderful world of 
Mooneys. Their web site is www.mooneyowners.com.