Aircraft Insurance

Insurance Basics
No plan to purchase an aircraft is complete without a call to the insurance agent. Your choice of
aircraft can be directly effected by the cost and availability of insurance. Your ratings, hours, and
time in make and model will determine the cost of the policy. If you are a student pilot trying to 
purchase a cabin class twin you will soon learn although with factory training you may be able to
obtain coverage it will cost you dearly! What they're trying to tell you is you're not qualified for that
much aircraft. Some clients will purchase more aircraft than they're qualified for by hiring a pilot who is. 
They then add ratings and hours in the aircraft until they're qualified. This approach can be expensive
and difficult since you have to take your pilot on every trip and ether put them up or let them drop you
off and return to pick you up. Its best to buy what you're qualified for based on your current experience
and move up as you gain hours and ratings. General guidelines are; a student pilot or better without an 
instrument rating and minimal hours, in a four place fixed gear single; a private pilot with an instrument
rating and 200 hours including some retract time, in a high performance single; a private pilot with multi 
and instrument ratings and over 200 hours including multi time, in a non pressurized light twin; a private
pilot with multi and instrument ratings and over 500 hours including multi time and factory school, in a 
cabin class twin. Turboprop aircraft will require a highly rated pilot with many hours in multi engine 
aircraft and factory school about every two years. Jet aircraft will also require a type rating. Give us a 
call if you have questions about your experience and the type of aircraft you're considering.

Obtaining Insurance
If you have a current policy on an aircraft you should stay with your agent because if you cancel your 
current coverage and don't add another aircraft you may have to pay a short rate cancellation penalty.
Although we are not in the insurance business we still want to offer our clients full service and the best 
insurance we can find! We have had dealings with many direct insurance companies and agencies over
the years and currently only use and recommend one. 

"Aircraft Insurance Agency by Duncan"
Located on Lancaster airport in Lancaster Texas owner Lee Duncan and the ladies at "Aircraft Insurance 
Agency by Duncan" have been insuring aircraft since 1987. Family owned and operated with 65 years 
combined aviation insurance experience. We have been more than pleased with their rates and personal 
service. They will take the time to thoroughly shop the market for your coverage with all of the aviation 
underwriting companies in the U.S. market. They handle all aircraft types in any area of the country. 
They understand that aircraft today can be equipped with radios and mods that increase the value well 
above base book values and have the ability to explain this to the underwriters. They have access to our 
inventory for the aircraft specs and only need your personal and pilot information to obtain a quote. 

You will need to give them the following data.

Time in type
Medical date
Any Waivers
Any aviation losses
Any accidents, incidents, violations or suspensions
Liability limits you would like
Insured hull value
Aircraft year, make, model & N number
Will you hanger or tie down
Aircraft base

Once you have decided on an aircraft give them a call at 972-227-8688 or 1-800-232-1953.

Aircraft Insurance Agency by Duncan
730 Ferris Road 
Suite 203
Lancaster, Texas 75146